Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." Psalm 90:12

If you were just given news from your doctor this morning that you only had 'x' amount of days to live what would your thoughts be? After the initial shock and saddness, what kind of plans would you begin making? What would your list of "important to do's" be?

I think that it's safe to say that we would all look at life differently today than we did yesterday. What would make the difference? The realization that our time is limited would drastically change how we view everything, from the smallest detail to the largest.

We would no longer be irritated by the little misgivings of our children. Instead we would instruct them gently and hold them closer. We would no longer be frustrated about our relaxing hubbies while we are slaving away at a sink full of dishes. Instead we would serve with pleasure. We would feel a renewed urgency to tell our neighbors of Christ's love and His offering of salvation.

Yes, we would all be changed, changed for the better. Well the Psalmist is showing us in Psalm 90:12 that he had a desire to have his days numbered (or to live with the knowledge of it) so that he could better live his life out with wisdom.

Our lives here are short. We have no knowledge of when Christ will return or when He will take us home yet our duty here on earth is great! We have children to train up, lost family, friends and neighbors to witness to.

Yet how well do we actually redeem the short time that we have? Do we spend more time decorating the interior of our homes than we do "decorating the interior spirit" of the little ones that God as placed in our homes? Do we spend more time surfing the web than we do the pages of God's book? Do we spend more time meditating on what new clothes we need than we do on the greatness of our Holy God?

Sisters I don't know about you but my desire as of late has mirrored that of the Psalmist! I want to live each day with the realization that my life here on earth is short. There is a lot to be done for Christ and I want to live my few days here as wisely as He enables me!!

The purpose of this blog is to share what God gives me with anyone out there who may desire to hear (read) it, to impart what little wisdom He gives me so that someone else may be encouraged to "number their days" so that their hearts to may be applied unto wisdom.

I am by no means a woman of great wisdom. I do not claim to be a Bible scholar or a great teacher of His precious Word. (I struggle with explaining simple truths to my little ones to be honest with you). I am simply an open vessel to be used as God sees fit.

Some days what you read here might be words of great wisdom that challenge, encourage and excited you to live your life closer to Christ. Other days you might close out this blog thinking, "Oh that lady really needs to find something else to do with her spare time!" But whatever you go away with please know that my only desire is to honor God and bless someone else each day.

There might be days in which I add long Bible studies and there might be days that I only add a verse or two. I may not even do this everyday (although that is my desire). My reality is that I am still a wife and homeschooling mother of 4 little ones who already has her plate full but is following the leading of the Spirit to begin this blog. So, please bear with me as I begin this journey of applying my heart unto wisdom. And join me as I slowly grow in the "grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ." (...and in blogging!!) ;)
Feel free to leave any comments you have at any time. Feel free to invite another who may be blessed by this blog.

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