Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Psalm 127

Verse 1 – How vain it is and worthless I might add, to try and raise our children, create family times and family outings without the leading of the Lord. How worthless it is to spend time coming up with our own ideas based on our own desires, wants and beliefs. The only thing that will grow a family into “success” is God doing the building.

Lord help me to remember to turn to you for guidance…no, not guidance but for LEADERSHIP!!! Turn my eyes and my heart up toward You so that I will know what you want for my husband and my children!! Keep me close Lord and when I stray remind me and bring me back so that my “house building” is not done in vain!!

Verse 3 – Children are a gift from You! Well, not even a gift, Your Word calls them an heritage. Another way to define heritage according to the Hebrew in Strong’s Conc. is “heirloom”. How carefully we take care of family heirlooms and how priceless they are! Those items are parts of families and treasured for generations.
Lord are you saying here that our children are Your heirlooms, passed on to us to take care of as priceless treasure?! How much better should I be doing then!

Lord help me to keep that precious truth in the forefront of my thoughts!! Help me to remember that these precious little ones, although time consuming and overwhelming at times, are to be taken special care of. They are to be dealt with as the special items that they are! Lord help the words of my mouth to be kind words! Help the looks on my face to be looks of love and patience! Lord I’m begging you to make me a better mother!! Only YOU can do that work in me! I need you to change me!! I don’t want to cause my children to be angry people!! Lord help me!

Psalm 128: 1-3 – Lord help us to not act as if our four children are burdens! Help us to show them that we are glad that You have given us a big family! I don’t want them to grow up not wanting a big family because they saw how negatively we allowed it to affect us!
You tell us in 127:5 that those with a “quiver” full of children will be happy! Lord help us to be happy with what You have so carefully given to us! Help us not to be ashamed as Your Word says but instead to be proud of the wonderful “heirlooms” you have left in our care!! Help us Lord!!!

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