Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Proverbs 16:16-28
Verse 16 – It’s much more important to have godly wisdom (seeing things as God sees) and understanding (knowing how to apply that wisdom) than it is to be rich, have nice homes, the trendiest clothes, the best foods or the newest toys. Yet how often is it that I focus on the “things” rather than “THE THING!” How much more I work at getting nicer things (even at a cheaper price) than I do seeking after wisdom and understanding…often…and that’s an understatement!

Verse 17 – “The highway of the upright is to depart from evil” Okay, not sure exactly what that means but let me try. A highway is what we drive on to get from one place to the next but it’s a faster way, more convenient and offers less unnecessary stops. So maybe this verse is telling me that the better road for me ,or better way I should say, is departing from evil! It gets me where I want to end up (closer to Christ) quicker, not sure if it’s more convenient but it surely offers less unnecessary stops in the form of missteps in my daily walk with Christ!

Verse 18 – Yes, being prideful is just a precursor to falling flat on my face, I’ve learned that! But what I forget is that it’s actually what comes before DESTRUCTION! That’s a big word! I don’t want destruction in my life! Lord help me to remember that whenever I start to think about how great I am the next step will be disaster so please, remind me before I get there!

Verse 19 – It’s better to be humble and not have much than to have a great many things and share it with prideful people. Help me to teach my children that pride is dangerous to a Christian! Help me to teach them to be humble of heart and spirit!
Verse 20 – Oh this is a great verse! Handling a matter wisely will bring about a good ending; solution. Trusting in the Lord no matter what brings happiness. Lord teach me to trust You! There are plenty of times when I doubt and question at balk but Lord teach me what it is to truly TRUST in YOU!!! I know that no matter what may befall me if I were to simply trust I will find happiness and peace in You! Lord teach me, help me, change me!

Verses 21-23 – So this understanding and wisdom are pretty important to the Lord and very “beneficial” to the Christian. If I could only learn to seek wisdom and understanding, Lord if I could attain even a little bit of that I know that my life would be much different! Lord, again, teach me, show me, change me! Give me wisdom when it comes to being a wife, mother, homeschooler and Pastor’s wife! Help me to be full of YOUR wisdom so that I can be used to bless others! A wise heart will be shown through the mouth, the words that are spoken, Lord help me to be used in that way!

Verse 24 – Pleasant words, oh boy those are hard to come by! It’s so hard for me to be pleasant sometimes! Grow me in this area! Help me to change my tone! Show me what my own ugliness does to those closest to me, those that I love the most!

Verse 25 – Help me not to trust in my own ideas and plans. Show me that even though doing one thing may seem better Your Word tells us that it is the way to death! Give me the wisdom and foresight to see and recognize that!

Verses 26-28 – Help me NOT to be what these verses are talking about; ungodly, froward, sower of strife, or a separator of friends! God, I need You today to show me what I am doing wrong! I know that it is a lot! Help me to stay away from the wrong road and stay on the “highway of the upright!”

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